Being a Veteran in the Legal System is Often Different

It is impossible to express in words what we owe the men and women who have served our country.  The least we can do is to ensure that veterans who are physically injured or subjected to intense mental strain while in the line of duty receive proper care.  Whatever it takes, and for as long as it takes.  Unfortunately, a number of our veterans are being let down. 

Veterans from the Vietnam War continue to suffer from Agent Orange syndrome.   Roadside bombs, mortars, and heavy machinery have left many of our modern-day veterans with traumatic brain injuries, hearing loss, and a host of other physical challenges.  In addition, the constant mental strain of combat has left many service members needing a new kind of help, which doesn’t lend itself to easy explanations.

Veterans caught up in the criminal justice system sometimes have unique options and need an advocate who knows what they've been through.  And, in the personal injury context, veterans receiving care from the VA often have to approach satisfying their medical liens in a particular way that can be difficult to navigate alone.  Being a veteran in the legal system is often different.

While in the Army, Dan lived by the creed:  “Never Leave a Fallen Comrade.”  Helping veterans in the legal system is Dan's way of continuing this tradition as a civilian. After all you’ve done for us, don’t walk this road alone. 

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