Sometimes good people just make mistakes.  And sometimes an arrest is made when it shouldn’t have been.  In either case, you need someone solid by your side.  The founders of our country knew that in order to prevent the possibility of America turning into a tyranny or a police state, the Constitution had to include strong protections against the government taking your life, liberty, or property without due process of law.  They also had the sense to establish that we're all innocent until proven guilty, that the government has the burden of proving someone's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and that the Constitution demands that any person accused of a crime gets effective representation.

Dan has spent years practicing criminal law.  He has prosecuted major crimes, including fraud, racketeering (RICO) activity, drug trafficking, and gangs, and also prosecuted misdemeanors and driving under the influence (DUI) cases.  Now he puts his experience to work for individuals who need help in the criminal justice system.  He has defended cases all the way from garden-variety misdemeanors to capital homicide.

Dan knows how these cases are put together, so he knows how they can be taken apart.  Leveraging his significant experience, he will fight to ensure that your rights are protected.   Feel free to click on any of the included icons to take a look at some of the individualized practice areas for the firm in the criminal law space.

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