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Violent Crime is Up – But What Does That Actually Mean?

We live in an increasingly statistics-driven society, and sometimes it seems that nothing is viewed as meaningful unless it can be measured.  Law enforcement and the courts are not immune from this.  Over the past couple of decades, law enforcement has become incredibly statistics-driven.  This is no surprise, given our unquenchable thirst for metrics, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  But the statistics as to the rise in murders and gun crimes in Alachua County over the past few years are going to shock you.“Violent Crime is Up – But What Does That Actually Mean?”Continue reading

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Is it Illegal for Medical Marijuana Patients to Possess Firearms?

Possessing a firearm for self-defense purposes is at the core of our Second Amendment rights.  But do you lose your right to bear arms if you’re lawfully using medical marijuana?  The answer appears to be “yes.”  A number of friends have posed this question to me recently over a few separate occasions, so I thought I’d write this post along the lines of a PSA and to help make sure we’re all aware of the law (and of your potential exposure!).

“Is it Illegal for Medical Marijuana Patients to Possess Firearms?”Continue reading

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“Stand Your Ground” Basics

A number of recent events (and some changes in the law) have left a lot of us with more questions than ever about the law of self defense and Florida’s so-called “Stand Your Ground” law.  There is a lot of confusion about this, so I’m going to attempt to go over the basics here by way of this PSA-type article.  Read on if you’d like to get a sense of the lay of the land in every-day language with some examples of what scenarios were ruled legitimate self-defense and what weren’t.““Stand Your Ground” Basics”Continue reading

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Concealed Firearms in Your Vehicle (w/o a Permit) – How Not to Get Arrested

Bearing arms for legitimate self-defense is a Constitutional right.  But like so many other things, the devil is in the details.  The government is allowed to impose reasonable restrictions on that right in order to carry out law enforcement functions and in support of the general welfare, but sometimes those restrictions violate our Constitutional rights and must be challenged in court.

“Concealed Firearms in Your Vehicle (w/o a Permit) – How Not to Get Arrested”Continue reading

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Veterans’ Service Dogs & the ADA in Public Accommodations

A number of our veterans have returned home with scars that are not just visible on the outside.  Service dogs are being trained to assist them with their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) related challenges.  These service dogs are a great benefit to our veterans, but it’s a relatively new thing in society, and sometimes businesses and their staff don’t know what to make of it.

“Veterans’ Service Dogs & the ADA in Public Accommodations”Continue reading

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The Weisman Law Firm – Open for Business!

Greetings, everyone! The Weisman Law Firm is now open for business providing legal services in Gainesville and in the North Central Florida area as well as throughout the state.

Dan Weisman is the principal partner in the firm.  He has been an attorney for approximately 10 years, and in addition to his private practice, he was a former Assistant Statewide Prosecutor for the Attorney General’s Office of Florida, where he spent a number of years prosecuting major and complex criminal cases.

The Weisman Law Firm’s practice areas center around:
– criminal defense (for people accused of crimes);
– personal injury (car accidents and other unfortunate injuries due to someone else’s negligence)
– legal representation for veterans and folks in the veterans’ community.

Feel free to contact the Weisman Law Firm for a free, confidential consultation on whatever you might need help with!

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